Thursday, January 3, 2019

Fukashima, a cats island in Oita, a prefecture in the eastern part of Kyushu

There are so-called “cats islands” around Japan. One of them is in Oita Prefecture in the eastern Kyushu and its name is Fukashima. On this small island, about 4 kilometers around and with about 20 residents, there are about 100 cats, and each cat is given his/her name. It will be nice to spend a holiday on Fukashima, where there are no vending machines or convenience stores. There is one small restaurant which is run by a young couple, Fukashima Shokudo. This island is about 8 kilometers off a town called Kamae in the southern part of Oita Prefecture. There is a regular boat service between Kamae and Fukashima three times a day and it takes about 30 minutes.
This cat lives at the port
This cat also lives at the port

At the Fukashima Shokudo restaurant
They gather as you give food
Fukashima Shokudo Menu
Fukashima Shokudo Lunch

Fukashima Map

Tropical fish at the port

Coral at the port

View from Fukashima Shokudo

Oita on Foot