Monday, August 7, 2017

Community Bath Houses in Beppu

In Beppu, there are about 100 so-called “community bath houses.” A community bath house is a public hot spring bath house. It is usually small and run by the people of the community where the bath house is located. People pay about 1,000 yen per month to be a member of a bath house. Then, they can take a hot spring bath every day in that bath house. Many of those bath houses accept guest bathers, including tourists, at 100 yen. Here are some pictures of four hot spring bath houses which are located near JR Beppu Station.
Kaimiya Onsen Foot Bath
Sign which shows the way to Kamiya Onsen

Inside Kamiya Onsen

Nageshi Onsen Engrance

Suehiro Onsen Entrance
Inside Suehiro Onsen
Wall Painting in Suehiro Onsen which depicts Mt. Yufu

Kotobuki Onsen Entrance
Kotobuki Onsen Entrance Door Sign

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