Saturday, December 2, 2017

Beppu Goe-hike Held on November 5, 2017

I joined a Beppu geo-hike held by Beppu Onsen Geo-museum on November 5, 2017. This day's course was from the Ogura area down to the Kannawa area and it took about two hours. As to Beppu Onsen Geo-museum and geo-hikes, please refer to my previous article. Click here to see the course map (in Japanese).

Here are some of the photos from this course.

Hot spring pond in the back yard of a hotel

Another hot spring pond we passed by

View of Beppu along the course

Hot spring source we saw along the way

Mt. Tsurumi, Mt. Ogiyama, and hot spring steam fumes

City-owned Public Bath House "Teruyu"

Another View of Mt. Tsurumi and Mt. Ogiyama

Popular Community Bath House "Okano-yu"

One of the newly-built small-scale geothermal power station

Hot spring source near the "hell tour" area

Entrance to "White Pond Hell", a popular hot spring pond for viewing

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