Saturday, December 2, 2017

"Murasaki" (purple) Dyeing Workshop on November 23, 2017

I participated in a "murasaki" dyeing workshop which was held in Taketa on November 23, 2017. "Murasaki", which means purple, is also a Japanese name of a herb called purple gromwell. In "murasaki" dyeing, roots of "murasaki" roots are used.
Murasaki roots

Chopped murasaki roots in a bag are squeezed

Murasaki dye 

We started dyeing at about 9:40 in the morning, and took almost a whole day

We repeated dipping in the dye for five times

In the morning, we dyed twice and dried

Lunch prepared by the workshop staff

During the lunch break, we visited "murasaki" greenhouse

"Murasaki" purple gromwell

Ready to start the afternoon work

The color gets deeper as we repeat the dye process

Our finished work hung for drying

Workshop participants with their finished work with some of the staff

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