Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tour in Aso City on November 11 and 12, 2017

Mt. Aso area is about three hours drive from Beppu. On November 11, we went to Aso City through Taketa City and on the route 57. It was a beautiful autumn day. We stayed at a traditional Japanese inn called Sozan-kyo. This inn had damage by the last year's earthquake and had to close the business for some time but it was reopened.
 Aburaya Kumahachi (front), an early 20th century entrepreneur from Beppu, in Aso

Famous "Kumamon" in our inn

Colored maple tree in the inn garden

Sozan-kyo Entrance

View of Aso Valley

Land slide(right) that destroyed Aso Bridge

The road which used to lead to the large Aso Bridge 

The new bridge which was completed recently

Source of the Shirakawa River

"Takamori Dengaku Hozonkai" restaurant, where we had lunch

Our "dengaku" lunch cooked in a traditional style

Aso Shrine's Ginkgo tree

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